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I'm a writer. I write m/m erotica. Kind of dark stuff, even though in real life I like rainbows and puppies and kittens. Not all at once though. That would be overwhelming.

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Teaser: The Dreams You Made in the Dirt

Are you a member of the Goodreads M/M Romance Group
If not, you absolutely should be, because the Love's Landscapes event is currently underway. That's where a bunch of people send in a bunch of prompts, and a whole other bunch of people write them. And then we all get to read them FOR FREE! 
The story I wrote last year, Falling Away, can be found via my Free Reads page
This year, the story I wrote is called The Dreams You Made in the Dirt. And not only did I get ambitious and make my own cover for it, but I'm also going to release it as a freebie via Amazon after the Love's Landscapes event. And possibly Smashwords as well, if I can actually figure Smashwords out... 
But here's a look at the cover. 
And here are the opening sentences: 


In that split second as he watched the glass in the windscreen fracture like a spider’s web, Cole knew one thing for certain: he was going to die. He’d survived a tour in a country where people tried to kill him on a daily basis, and now he was going to die in a car accident. How prosaic. How fucking absurd.
If you guys like hurt/comfort, first times, and a shitload of angst, I think you'll enjoy this one. 
There's also a dog. 
Of course. 
I'm beginning to think I'm incapable of writing a book without one.