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Review: Slide by Garrett Leigh

Slide - Garrett Leigh

The writing is quite lovely, and the characters are well-drawn. The chemistry between Ash and Pete was great. 

Side note: I loved Pete's job. He's a paramedic. I loved how he was sleep deprived, short tempered after night shifts, and sometimes went to such unbelievably shitty jobs that they stuck in his head for days or weeks. Because sometimes you're coasting along in life, and then the sheer realisation of how fucked up people can be to one another hits you right there in the guts... 

I think though, that I was let down a little by the plot. There seemed to be some big coincidences at play here, that really didn't ring all that true. 


The same guy who abused Ash as a kid down in Texas is now in Chicago? And he's also the same guy who attacks Pete at a domestic violence incident? And the same guy who kills the homeless kid in the park? I think this might have worked better if Ash's trauma came to the surface because of similarities between these incidents and his past; it just seemed a stretch to make it all the one guy.

(show spoiler)


But guess what? I read this after a night shift, so I was not feeling terribly forgiving. 

Like I said though, the writing is wonderful, and I will definitely be reading the next book in the series (if there is one!) . 

Which I hope there is, and I hope it is about Joe. I couldn't quite figure out where he fitted in, but I liked him. :)