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I'm a writer. I write m/m erotica. Kind of dark stuff, even though in real life I like rainbows and puppies and kittens. Not all at once though. That would be overwhelming.

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The Darkest Prison - C.S. McClellan This book is not m/m. There is no sex in the book. I'd say it was safe for children, but only if you don't like the children and want to give them nightmares.

Holy crap.

Have you ever read a book and gone, "Shit, I wish I'd thought of this?"

That was this book for me. It's only short, but it's dark. Unrelentingly-fucking-dark.
The creepy factor here was so high I had to go and make sure my back door was locked.

I won't give any spoilers here. Honestly, this book ends the only way it can...as it trudges unrelentingly through that darkness I mentioned before.

Creepy as hell.

It's only very short, but you'll think about it for a long time, I promise.