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Of Being Yours - Anna  Martin 3.5 stars Rounded up for hotness of scenes.

Everything I write in this review is influenced by one major thing: I really, really loved the first book. And I think if my expectations hadn't been as high, this would have easily been a full four star read (Dammit Goodreads, why can't we do half stars?) and i wouldn't have been so conflicted. The problem is, I loved Jesse and Will in the first book, and here...not so much.

I loved the conflict in the first book with Jesse having to decide between his girlfriend and Will. Here the conflict - the fallout from a car accident - didn't feel right. Or enough, or something. I just didn't see the cracks in the relationship. So you're working different jobs, and you hardly see each other, and you have to schedule time together on a board on the fridge. That's not a sign of relationship apocalypse, guys, that's just a relationship.

The scenes between the guys were mostly hot, but the lingerie one did confuse me a bit. I just don't know why dressing up in women's underwear was suddenly humiliating, when a few chapters ago they were both in drag. I might need to go and reread that bit again...

It was nice to see some family interaction with Jesse and Will, and the side plot with Domme Laura's domestic situation was interesting and a little bit heartbreaking.

I liked this book. It was a good, solid read. I was just hoping for more.