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Review: Circuit Theory, by Kirby Crow & Reya Starck

Circuit Theory - Kirby Crow, Reya Starck

This may be the most unique romance I've ever read, in that the two main characters never meet in real life.

Where they meet instead is Synth -- a virtual world where probably the only thing guaranteed is that people aren't who they say they are. Dante and Byron aren't in Synth to play games though. For two guys who have never met, Synth is the place where they can live their lives together.

Dante makes a mistake in reaching out to another user Sexxybabee1. Sexxy is needy. aggressive, clingy, manipulative. We don't know her real agenda, and neither does Dante. She's stalking him, but if he blocks her, what then? She's already told him she's got nothing to live for in real life and she might as well kill herself. And hell, anyone who's spend any time with an online community knows that person, right?

Byron lives and works in Synth, and he knows it better than Dante. He's been burned before, and he's not going to let that happen to Dante.

It's a love story, but there's a weird disconnect between the two guys. Synth isn't real; is love? Who are they really -- their two avatars who connect, or two guys on two different sides of the world who have nothing in common except an internet connection? There are no straight answers.

I found the ending of Circuit Theory surprisingly poignant.

Sometimes, when you happened on a beautiful landscape here complete with sun and shore and the breath of wind sighing over the headphones, you got the unreal sense that it was ending even as you looked at it. Belief wouldn't save it. It appeared solid in the depths of the screen, but it was a lie so fragile that the least shred of disbelief would kill it, and not amount of clapping your hands would bring Tinker Bell back to life.

Wow. Just wow.