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Review: The Brat-tastic Jayk Parker, by J.A. rock

The Brat-tastic Jayk Parker - J.A. Rock

867 stars!

No, not really. See, since I've co-written a book with J.A. now, I feel like I can't really give a star rating to her stuff like I've done in the past. But that won't stop me from saying read this! Read this book! It's fucking hilarious!

I was going to put in a list of my favourite quotes, but then I figured I'd just be typing out the whole book and, really, who's got time for that?

I love Jayk and Amon. Jayk is, well, brat-tastic. And Amon shows a more emotional side here than he did in Wacky Wednesday. The body-swap this time occurs with Jennifer and Ron, another couple who are about to tie the knot, and who are having some real issues of their own.

Jayk end up in Jennifer's body, and Amon ends up in Ron's. There are added complications of a missing cat, a pet detective, and Amon's run in with a zealous cop. To be honest, I was a bit hmmm about the idea of Jayk in a woman's body, but Jayk settled in with his usual almost-unflappable attitude. Jayk saves his freak-outs for important things, like missing cats. Not like switching bodies with a woman. And his discovery of um...a woman's bits...awesomely hilarious.

This book was laugh-out-loud funny. It was ridiculous, absurd, and the part where Jayk eats Ron and Jennifer's wedding cake had me almost crying with laughter. Jayk...noooooo!

Too, too funny!

But you know what? Even under all the hilarity, what you have is Jayk and Amon, a very sweet couple of guys, who are in love, but are approaching their big day with nervous trepidation.

And speaking of which...I'm acting as celebrant at a commitment ceremony this afternoon. One of the brides just dropped around something, saw that I was still in my pyjamas with my crazy bed hair, and gently suggested I should think about getting ready at some point. I believe that point is now.

But, you guys, read this book!