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Something in the Way He Needs (Family #1) - Cardeno C. I liked this book, I swear. I just didn't like it as much as I wanted to like it, and it's all down to the MC Asher.

I liked Daniel just fine. I liked the supporting cast -- I would have liked to find out if Ollie ever gets married again. But Asher? Just no.

I like a possessive alpha male as much as the next girl. I like a Dom who says "Hands off, he's mine." No arguments. But Asher was not in control. Not of his relationship, and not of his temper. Possessive is fine, and in the context of fantasy it's mostly hot, but Asher...yeah, Asher was jealous and insecure. Which would have been fine, except he was also abusive. Jealousy? Yeah, that can be hot. Marching up to someone in a restaurant and wanting to punch their lights out just because they're talking to your boyfriend? Not hot.

I got the same red flags as Ollie did, but for different reasons. Ollie didn't want Daniel dating someone who was into BDSM. I didn't want Daniel dating someone who was an emotionally arrested man-child with no impulse control and a nasty temper. And this guy is a police officer, who has presumably dealt with a shitload of critical incidents in his career? I do not what him in charge when I need help, thanks very much.

I read this because I thought it was going to be BDSM, but there were no real BDSM scenes here. I was hoping for a book where an experienced Dom initiated an inexperience sub into the lifestyle, but there were no real D/s interactions at all. Just that scene at the club where Asher gets into a pissing match with another Dom, and agrees to let him fuck Daniel. Because that's what a Dom does to prove his status as a Dom. Um, no. No, it isn't. It's what some couples with previously agreed-upon limits do. That doesn't make you a Dom, Asher, it makes you an asshole.

The stars are for the writing, which was good, and I will read this author again. I just couldn't warm to the storyline... it's not often I finish a book and find myself saying to one of the main characters: "Daniel, walk away. You can do better."