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Bound By Guilt - Sandra Bard I wanted to like this book a lot more than I did.

I loved the idea of it: Kit hunts for sugar daddies. The marrieder (that's a word now), the better. It saves complications. They buy him pretty things and, a few months later, they part ways.

Then Kit meets Cory. Older, wealthy, gay, in a relationship -- perfect. Except then Sasha, Cory's partner, finds them just about to do the dirty, and everything blows up. For starters, Kit is horrified to discover that Sasha is dependant on Cory because he suffered severe burns and lost an arm in a traffic accident and then Cory kills himself.

At this point I rubbed my hands together gleefully for the ensuing angst fest. I even overlooked the coincidences that had Kit pushing his way into Sasha's house, and life. But I had some fairly big issues.

Issue 1: Kit. It's not that he's unlikeable, it's that I had the weird impression I was supposed to not like the things about him that I did, and like the things about him that I didn't. Unapologetic homewrecker? Fine, I can deal with that. But all the stuff about his poor background and unloving childhood. Meh. Get over yourself, Kit. Oh, and calling Sasha a cripple? Seriously, does anyone with even half a brain still use that term? Apparently Kit does.

Issue 2: Sasha. He felt weirdly underdeveloped. He was rather fey and aloof except when it suited the plot to get angry and emotional. Sasha should have been much more interesting than Kit, all in all, but he jut came across as rather bland.

Issue 3: The whole subplot with the teenage girl dressing like a whore (Kit's words, not mine) and the father who kept popping up at opportune moments just so Sasha thought Kit was still hustling. Do 13 year old girls really latch on to grown men like limpets? Do their fathers really let them walk alone down streets where they were chased by scary dudes only a few days before? Apparently.

Issue 4: The resolution. So it turns out that Sasha wasn't in love with Cory, and Cory wasn't in love with Sasha. I get that. They were Bound By Guilt because Cory caused the accident that left Sasha injured...see what I did there? But this left me rather disappointed. It was all very convenient. I would have much rather preferred that they were in love. Because this way, all that lovely angst I was looking forward to was just swept away.

I also would have liked it if Kit and Cory had absolutely been banging the whole time. As it was, I couldn't help like feel it was a device to make me go, "Oh, but Kit's almost innocent. They didn't even do anything." Dammit, I want my angst back.

All in all this was a good read, just not what I'd been hoping for at the time.