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Review: Wacky Wednesday, by J.A. Rock

Wacky Wednesday - J.A. Rock

You know those books where you're going to read just one chapter before you fall asleep? And suddenly it's 3 o'clock in the morning and your alarm is going off in 2 hours because you're on an early start, and hell, there's no point even trying to go to sleep now because you'd rather know what happens, and you'll deal with the no-sleep-zombie fallout when it happens? Wacky Wednesday is one of those books.

The premise isn't original at all -- two people who sometimes fail to see eye to eye are magically switched so that they'll learn a lesson or two about walking in the other's shoes -- but the execution is so much fun and full of such energy that it doesn't matter.

The story is told in alternating first person point of view, between the main characters of Jayk and Amon. Jayk's chapters are laugh out loud funny. I didn't expect to like Amon as much as Jayk, but I did. I particularly enjoyed how this was an established relationship -- no misunderstandings and lost phone numbers here. Here it's the everyday stuff that's getting in the way, like work and study, and not having enough time for each other.

Wacky Wednesday was a really fun read. Loved it!