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Review: Like It Or Not

Like It or Not - S.L. Armstrong, April L'Orange, Angelia Sparrow, Naomi Brooks, Sean Michael, Gryvon, Stella Harris, T.C. Mill, Heidi Belleau, Violetta Vane

This anthology is very much a mixed bag, mainly because some dub-con works for me and some doesn't. All of the stories were well-written and tightly edited, but each to their own, right? There are six stories here,but I'm only going to tell you about the two that really stood out for me.

Obedience Classes by Sean Michael, about a wolf shifter who’s about to get kicked out of the pack unless he learns his place in the pack hierarchy, was my favourite. (And it's the reason I bought the book.) Definitely intense. Because, you know, what is pushing the boundaries of consent in human interactions is perfectly normal behaviour in the animal kingdom...

I also really liked Unnatural Means by T.C. Mill: a story about a confessor and an accused witch/murderer who is due to be executed. It was very unsettling to go with the confessor as he discovers he's got a taste for inflicting pain that has nothing to do with saving a man's soul. I had no idea where the story was headed, and which one of the guys was the bad guy (or if either of them were), and I really enjoyed the ending.

Four stars for those two stories, and 3 for the rest of the anthology.