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Manbot - Scarlet Blackwell 3.5 stars.

This was a fun little read. I like it better when Scarlet Blackwell writes alpha bastards, but two nice guys makes a change.

The first nice guy is Gray. Gray has been having rude thoughts about Kavan his manbot. Which is unethical, probably. And definitely creepy, right? Although the whole issue of consent doesn't come into it if they're not human. Even though they're designed to look human and act human. And even though they have all the bits they need in order to have sex. And they made them all good looking and programmed to please...

So it turns out a heap of people all over the world have been using their manbots for sex. Quelle surprise.

Seriously, why was Gray astonished? I'll bet the first manbot was introduced to sex before he was even out of his packaging. Because some people are into that.

Kavan was a cute character. He's got this sex thing all figured out thanks to the research he does, and it turns out he likes the way it makes him feel. I thought it was funny how Kavan's system overloads during orgasm. Makes sense, right?

The story is mostly about Kavan's growth: how he finds he way through to genuine emotion. Who would have thought that a scene where a robot masturbates (he's not meant to have any emotions or desires of his own) could pack an emotional punch?

I loved this exchange:

Gray entwined their fingers, the words clipping out before he could stop them.
"I wish you could love me."
After a moment, Kavan said, "I wish I could love you too."