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Review: The Epic Love Story of Doug and Stephen, by Valerie Z. Lewis

The Epic Love Story of Doug and Stephen - Valerie Z. Lewis

My review in one word: Hilarious!

So there's the plot. Doug works at a gay magazine. Doug decides that he is gay for Stephen. Doug sets out to get Stephen. There is also some stuff going on with an investigation into an evil multi-national, but they could have spent the entire book watching the grass grow and I still would have read it. Because it's HILARIOUS.

Doug is sweet, dumb, and I was in love with him the moment he picked up a button off the floor and put it in his mouth. Because, you know, that's what you do. I also loved his single-minded (simple-minded?) determination to be with Stephen.

"I think we could probably be soul mates if you could get over yourself and just sleep with me already, and also be less evil." He gave Stephen a wide smile.

Oh yeah, Stephen is evil. Well, not really, but Doug annoys the hell out of him...mainly because nothing ever annoys the hell out of Doug. Stephen works hard. Stephen campaigns for gay rights. Stephen is committed, and dedicated, and angry about injustice. And Doug swallows buttons.

You're not even gay, are you," Stephen said, more a statement than a question.
"I could be," Doug said with a shrug. "That one time everyone from work went out for drinks, you said I seemed artistic."
"No, I said you seemed autistic."

But just because it's funny doesn't mean it's not surprisingly touching. The flashbacks to the guys' pasts are wonderful, and flesh out what might otherwise just be snarky bickering.

I loved both Doug and Stephen, but a special mention also has to go to Wilson, Doug's drug dealer.

"I am a drug dealer," he explained. "The answer to all your questions will be: drugs."

Read this book. It will make you laugh.