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Review: Calling The Show, by J.A. Rock

Calling the Show - J.A. Rock

What did I think of this book?

I bought a hula hoop. For serious. I couldn't decide between the green sparkly one or the blue sparkly one for ages. I went with the green.

I also bought some Lego, but that's got nothing to do with this book. I mostly got that to make my seven year old nephew jealous.

(A proper review will definitely follow)

Actually, instead of a review I'm going to issue a challenge: I dare you to read this book and look at a hula hoop without thinking rude things. Rude, delicious things.

JA Rock has done it again here. She's played the same trick she played on me with Wacky Wednesday, where the narrative alternates between two characters, and I'm sure I won't like the second one as much as the first one, and then I do, and I can't pick a favourite. I loved Jesse's snarky interior monologues, and his neuroses. I loved how he was determined to dislike Sim from the very beginning, just for being Sim. And I loved how Sim was so confident and happy (even if a lot of that was just for show.)

What I really enjoyed though, was the boys' exploration of their burgeoning D/s relationship. Who was a top, who was a bottom, who was a Dom and who was a sub, and, ultimately, how pointless labels are as long as you're both doing something that works for you. And if that's duct tape and hula hoops, then go for it!