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I'm a writer. I write m/m erotica. Kind of dark stuff, even though in real life I like rainbows and puppies and kittens. Not all at once though. That would be overwhelming.

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Review: Teahouse, by Emirain

Teahouse - Emirain

How the hell did it take me so long to discover this? I mean, I knew it was there the whole time because every so often my updates feed is full of this:

Teahouse!!!!! SQUEEEEEEEEE!!!!! Omigod-I just-no words-TEAHOUSE!

So I put it on my To Read shelf and kind of forgot about it.

More. Fool. Me.

Teahouse is brilliant! That's not even including the illustrations, which are fantastic and HAWWT. Teahouse has everything I love: brilliant world building, awesome character development, and so much subtext in every scene that it's almost like reading a second story underneath the first one.

The illustrations are just beautiful, so colourful and vibrant. Every page is a work of art.

Do yourself a favour and check this out now.