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Review: Under The Rushes, by Amy Lane

Under the Rushes - Amy Lane

Why did this take me so long to get around to reading it? It's been on my kindle for a while, but I just kind of ignored it. Well, today I was home sick so I decided to stay in bed and read. You know, just a chapter...famous last words for me.

The world building here is phenomenal. So many wonderful, intricate details of a world that in many ways in familiar, but is also wondrous, and magical, and imaginative. I don't know what I expected when I read the blurb -- but it wasn't steampunk superheroes, scheming politicians and a world on the brink of social revolution.

And what a fantastic read this was! I love Dorjan and Taern. Dorjan had the whole lonely superhero thing going on, and Taern was just wonderful -- full of pathos in his own way, but also full of humour and mischievousness.

My favourite character, though, was Areau -- Dorjan's ... well, best friend doesn't seem adequate to describe him. He was Dorjan's best friend, before Dorjan's first act of heroism condemned him to be broken by the government. Now he's Dorjans best friend as well as maybe his worst enemy. He's certainly his own worst enemy. Redeemable? Maybe. I had to keep reading to find out.

There were things in this book I didn't love. Sometimes Dorjan was a little preachy. For a guy keeping his head down in politics by pretending to be an idiot, his speech against homophobia felt a little reckless, and forced. As did the constant taking in endangered kids. I know he's a hero and a good guy, seriously, stop hitting me over the head with it. These were minor quibbles though. I just like my heroes a bit darker, maybe.

But definitely read this book. It's fantastic. And the action at the end is breathtaking.