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Review: Want Me, by Rowan McBride

Want Me - Rowan McBride

3.75 stars

The first word that comes to mind: creepy.

So, Joel is a jock. He's big, really big -- the size thing actually confused me enough to think about getting out a tape measure so I could translate all those feet and inches to centimetres -- and the star of the football team. He shares a room with Walker, who is a scrawny, short, unpopular nerd. Turns out he's also magic, but we'll get to that. Joel isn't a typical asshole jock. He's actually nice to Walker, and likes him. Turns out that's a mistake because Walker (who is magic, remember?) unleashes a spell that makes Joel want him.

The spell catches both boys in a spiral. And every time Walker uses the spell, they wake up in an altered reality. Joel is getting smaller and weaker, and Walker is getting bigger and stronger. And pretty soon Joel is tiny, and Walker is like a giant.

I think that's why I dropped it a star -- the size difference thing doesn't really do it for me. By the time Joel is so small that he can't reach door knobs and he says his penis isn't even as big as Walker's little finger, I was finding the whole thing less delicious-creepy and more totally repulsive-creepy. By this stage, I had lost any sympathy I'd had for Walker in the beginning, and any personal growth (LOL!) he experienced was too little, too late.

Having said that, Joel was a great character. Although I agreed with Walker in one respect -- he was way too forgiving. Walker didn't need redemption so much as he needed to be stabbed in his sleep. I never bought the whole tortured-soul-needs-redemption thing. No, Walker's tortured soul needed a slapping.

So that's the negative. The positive? The writing here is beautiful, the creepy atmosphere is pervasive, and it's really, really well written. Every turn of the spiral kept me doubting the possibility of a decent resolution for our MCs, and kept me reading until way past my bedtime. And that's the mark of a good book.