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A Protest Review...

A Parent's Guide to Preventing Homosexuality - Joseph Nicolosi

I will not read this book for personal reasons. However, I will thoroughly review the portion I have read: the title.

The title seems to indicate that homosexuality, as something that should be prevented, is negative and something that parents ought to be concerned about, like your child riding their bike off a cliff, or catching rabies from a dog bite.

Reckless bike stunts and rabid dogs are certainly something I would warn my children to avoid. However, I will not read this book because not only don't I believe that homosexuality is something that can be prevented, I also see no need to prevent it.

(Is this shelf okay, GR?
Oh, I also gave it a star so this isn't an empty review. Because that would be unfair, right?)


** This review was written because I was pissed off at GR and its policies regarding reviews. It still stands.